Look what we found in our shoe today!

No stress to put an overly excited kid to bed yet on Dec. 5, but as tradition requires we had each put our shoe (both of them in fact) in front of the fireplace.  Luckily enough our little kabouter already has a cute tiny pair of shoes so he was not left out. 

Dec 5 evening

And yes yes, the holy man had not forgotten our house despite the strong storm he had to conquer in the low countries.  We had all been very good this year so we found our shoes filled with goodies. (hehe, and I must mandatory eat the candy of Kabouter in order to allow him to enjoy it ;) ). 

Dec 6

The tiniest shoes got the biggest present! Kabouter's niece had announced especially to Sinterklaas in her letter that there was now a little baby in the family that should not be forgotten and he was not!   As of now, he can play in a big park in the living room with room for lots of toys !! Isn't he lucky. And previous week he already got a teddy bear with microwave heat pad at his grandparent's place. Spoiled already ;)


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