Urgent maintenance needed

We were greeted by warning signs at the entry of Fagne de Polleur that the road was not accessible for wheelchairs or strollers. That's a real pity as it is advertised & it should be the only easy access, interpretative trail that remains open all year, regardless the weather conditions. That principle seems to have been abandoned.

Indeed we had seen this summer already that this path became quite questionable at some spots and I wondered whether how wheelchairs would still easily get around.  Clearly no maintenance has been done whatsoever and the trail was let further deteriorate.  It's not like all effort went to repairing the woodwalk near Baraque Michel after the fire as that is still gone as well. Pooh that's still not there either. 

Fortunately we were carrying Kabouter again, so we could still easily get around.  ...not that other tourists were bothered by the warnings and kept happily (?) pushing their strollers around. The open wind over the boglands was very icy so we didn't make the walk any longer than necessary.  Brrrr, it reminded me of that walk at the very same spot, but it wasn't as bad yet.  Still cold enough to enjoy afterwards the warm house, fireplace and some fresh pastries!!


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