A great sunny day with the new man in the house / in the city

Jan was abroad again so this time I invited a new man in the house to keep me company :).  Yes I told Jan about this :).   He helped me taking care of Kabouter. 

It was a glorious sunny spring day so we took our sandwiches and had a small pick-nick in a park. 

After which we enjoyed some playground toys

Kabouter's first very gentle swing experience :)

After the play-time, it was time to walk to the Museum M in Leuven where we played a quest game on the iPad. The new man kindly offered to push the stroller all the time....nice and easy walk for me (most of the time when I didn't need to correct the steering ;) )

Our successful quest on the iPad through the museum deserved a nice snack.

At home there was more time for fun together


Brian Miller said…
sounds like you had a good helper there...fun...a nephew or cousin?
so how hard was your heart going that first trip on the swing mom...smiles.
Jennifer Brown said…
Love that last picture

Looks like a fun day


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