Made in Belgium: Axelle Red update

For a long time I thought Axelle Red had brought her best work at the end of the nineties, early 2000.  Mid 2000 , she was no longer the hit machine as she has used to be and I didn't always click with her newer music although her old music still gives me chills. For that reason I also profit from this update to bring some more old songs as well (eg Rester femme, Je me fâche, ...).

Yet, last year she was just back her old self with her album "Rouge Ardent".  In the mean time she is a recognized monument in the music scene, an actif Unicef activist, is having fashion musea showing off her wardrobes while she coaches on tv new talent on the Belgian version of "The Voice" and she.   Still I rather have her bring out more music as I can enjoy her pearls very much! She can combine intimate with fire and while experimenting with different styles over the years, she clearly has her own distinct sound and often strong (engaged) texts.

Do click on my old post as well to listen again to "Parce que c'est toi" and "Temps pour nous", ...

Rouge Ardent (Firy red) -  2013

Quelque part ailleurs (somewhere else) - 2013

La Claque - 2011

Rester femme - 1998

Je me fâche (I  get angry) - 2002

Le monde tourne mal  - 1994 (live in 2008)

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Brian Miller said…
she has a very pretty voice...a really nice tone to it...i like how it plays with the piano in that first song...

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