Kabouter's baptism (1)

Yesterday we celebrated Kabouter's christening together with the family.  Over the last weeks we had been preparing the service by selecting the texts and music.  The baptism took place at our parish church at the nearby Abbey where Jan and I also got married. This time the ceremony was scheduled in a more intimate abbey room.

We had decided quite ad hoc & last minute to walk to the abbey rather than drive and due to some inappropriate walking shoes & last minute bathroom stops at our home, we arrived in 2 groups: the first took the church entrance & the last took the abbey buildings entrance.  Fortunately there were 2 priests so each one could welcome a group and with some confusion we all arrived together again to celebrate. 

Kabouter himself enjoyed the attention and was very happy to try to catch one of our booklets to wrinkle & eat after which he could comment and babble a bit during the ceremony.  Further on he was more intrigued about the activities and took it all in with big eyes.

Everyone gave him a small 'blessing' cross on the forehead and/or a kiss

The oldest nephew & nieces each read a part of the script

the laying on of the hands, as a symbolic gesture of protection

the baptism

Lighting of his candle at the Easter candle

 Inscribing in the baptism register


Jennifer Brown said…
Looks like a wonderful celebration for such a cute guy! It's great they get the whole family involved too.


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