Varnishing windows

The label "renovations" has been hardly used over the last year.  Last summer I hardly did more than some small correction paintings with my big belly...forbidden to stand on ladders and to breath paint fumes.   

However we already bought some varnish to reprotect & feed the woodwork on the house.  And this weekend I started, Kabouter nap at a time, ... 
It's not a big change, no visitor will state how nicely we've done the windows, but I can see the difference, especially when compared to the neighbours's windows just next to it. The wood looks much "fatter" fed.  

And now the entire side wall in wood remains to be done....that'll take a hell lot of Kabouter naps to achieve ;). And then the whitening of the walls can be refreshed, then the roof and of course we still need to renovate the attic.  ha houses, you are never bored with them . 


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