It's over for the Belgians

Someone stated on the radio at the start of the world cup that only one team would return happy and all others would face disappointment.   Well tonight is our night of disappointment.  

Not that we didn't do great. I mean, most of us probably wouldn't have dared to bet on being among the final 8 even though it's clear we have a talented new generation now with a lot of international experience. 

And we won each game in the group phase and then showed a really offensive team against the USA.  So we were hoping....hoping for a semi-final or more. Anything can happen in the knock-out phase really.
Like an early goal from Argentinia and then an opponant that just is winning time and doesn't give any room anymore for a fun game (which is completely their right to do, really, can't blame them).   So we lost, against a team that I think we could match.  It would have been sooooooo incredibly awesome to be in the semi-finals. Wow, that would have been madness.

pff it didn't happen tonight :(.   Now I really wonder how quickly all the Belgian flags on all houses and cars will disappear. Maybe after our team is back and has been cheered to and celebrated as we are all proud of their achievement after all and I'm sure they'll get a big welcome at their return.


Brian Miller said…
ha. soccer, what is that? had its moment here in the states for a few weeks...we are back to baseball now...and getting warmed up for football...

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