Made in Belgium: Elisa Waut

Sometimes there is music you have forgotten but when you hear it back, it makes you so nostalgic . Oh why don't they such music anymore nowadays?   I know it sounds dated and very 80ies and yet, it makes me happy.

Elisa Waut was, despite the suggestion of the name and the clear image of Elsje featuring on all their work, was a trio of a brother and sister and her partner Chery.  They were very successful "Belpop" in the 80ies but quit in 1990 (before I was old enough to really be a fan of them), with the exception of 2 more albums in the 90ies that were in a different style.

Elsje is currently running a B&B with her partner Chery.  Ha, how could wouldn't it be to go and stay with Elisa Waut?  


yab said…
Haha, zo duidelijk geplaybackt dat die nummers toendertijd waren. En dat zonder bh!
Goofball said…
zonder bh....hah, waar dat gij op let. Maar nu dat je het gezegd hebt, snap ik niet dat het me niet eerder opgevallen was. 't is nogal overduidelijk.

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