Splash splash splash SPLASSSH

He's not afraid of water...he loves water! And the more splashes the better.   

It took him less than an hour to discover how he could slide into the pool on his belly without our help and climb back out (same way he goes down a staircase).  
(in fact, for every little border on the floor, change of tiling or edge, he goes back on his knees and usually takes this very cautiously the first 10 times...until he learns he can in fact simply continue walking across without going down...similarly the last day we caught him a few times simply taking one big step forward to go into the pool...not quite a good idea, fortunately we were always at one step next to him).

His floating island in which he could sit (and still reach the floor) scared him however. We belief he was still a size too small by which he sank too deeply and his reach with his arms was too high up.  So he waded through the pool for kms on his own without floating help. 

Other kids in the pool were fascinating to approach, wave...and then take their toys to play with :) .  After a few days he discovered how to blow bubbles on the water surface. Hilarious for both him and us!!


yab said…
He is such a cuty! Love the splashing pictures!

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