Quiet but busy

It's been a bit quiet here (longer than you'd would think since most posts lately were prescheduled...I am such a cheater).  But don't worry, all is fine, just a bit busy

  • been away with management team from work
  • had to deliver 2 training days last week that needed unfortunately some last minute finishing late in the evening at home
  • Kabouter has been ill for a couple of days: nothing serious but enough fever to stay home from day care and to go and see a doctor anyway to be sure, arrange a sitter at home for him, ...
  • active with the preparations of a fundraising campaign with the volunteers of Mobile School taking place on Dec 20th 
  • spent time with family each weekend
  • been tired from it all and felt like just watching some tv in the sofa
and I think it'll be busy for the coming time as well.  We'll see...I'll throw in a more quiet moment a few more posts online for the coming weeks, maybe. 


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