Wrong Christmas sweaters

With the opening of the Primark store in Brussels and all the fuzz that seems to create apparently, all I think of now is "Oh Gosh, that wrong Christmas sweater hype is only going to get bigger now".   I had heard of the fact that Rudolf Raindeer sweaters or Frosty the Snowman hand knitted sweaters are no longer a wrong present but have turned into the most hippest things you can have.  

Last weekend we were in Edinburgh and boy...were...there...wrong ...Christmas...sweaters...EVERYWHERE.   Entire families, entire group of friends,  ... In every restaurant, street,...  And also in the entire facade of the Primark stores.
In Belgium, apart from the newspapers announcing the trend, I have fortunately not spotted anyone with the guts to put on such a sweater in public. But seeing the crowds lining up for that new Primark store, I fear the worst.

And so we are all running around dressed up in one giant Christmas themed bachelor party. Hurray, 3 more weeks I suppose?


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