Made in Belgium: Gorki

End of November a shock rolled over the Belgian music scene : Luc De Vos had unexpectedly passed away.  Luc was the singer/gitarist of Gorki, a popular rock band.  He was a well loved panel guest in many talk shows, always his unsophisticated self with an opinion. He was a well known face in Ghent. I've once spent an evening in a pub next to him: him drinking Duvels with a pal and me and my friend on the other side...nothing special in Ghent and as a polite Belgian I didn't disturb his night out.

Gorky participated in Humo's Rock Rally but came in third in 1990 while Noordkaap won.  That's something I don't understand as Gorki is much cooler.  Their hit "Mia" was voted multiple times best song ever between 2000 and 2006 on different radio stations.  Gorky split in 1993 and Luc De Vos continued solo as "Gorki".

At his funeral early December 2014 there were many many thousands and it was main news. In all hitlists at the end of 2014 he was voted (or awarded by decision) the top position. A nice but a bit a hyped artificial tribute, if you ask me.  Nevertheless, we will miss Gorki.  I'll mainly miss his attitude.


Brian Miller said…
got a little mellencamp sound in there...nice rhythm on that first one...i cant understand the words but the feeling comes through...

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