• I saw a small crocodile being carried on a daddy's arm when I got out of the house.  
    My FB feed got filled with fairy's ,  a clown, a ninja , a mouse, a flamenco dancer, ... and an ex-colleague mentioned a Minion at home.  This week I saw at a school a lion, pipi long stocking, knights, thieves, ...

    Our own Kabouter didn't realize that he might have missed carnaval in daycare while still being ill at home with his dad. I don't know whether they celebrate it there or not or if this is only done in all schools. Anyway,  I already stress that in 2 years I'll clearly have to come up somehow with a fun kids costume on this day.  Help. 
  • Jan opened his pizza box and a spontaneous soft "ooh" escaped (he has almost no voice).
    Kabouter immediately opened my box and also announced a loud "OOOOH"

    We have a parrot in the house.
  • I managed to combine a business trip in a few weeks with a weekend city trip. yeah, looking
    forward to that!
  • My crocuses & hyacinth on the table start to bloom.
  • My new phone got activated.
  • The viruses still fight with my boys. 


Brian Miller said…
ha. that parroting gets a little have to make sure you watch what you are

carnivale will be fun, you know...especially when he knows what is going on....
Jenn said…
Love it when flowers start to bloom!


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