Last weekend we strolled all over Vienna

As you could already see in the pictures here and here, we were in Vienna last weekend. I had to be in meetings on Monday for work.  As I had never visited Vienna before (*) , I really wanted to combine this professional obligation to get ourselves with a fun family trip away.  Additional bonus was that I could use some old hotel loyalty points that were due to expire.  Win win :)

Unlike Edinburgh, where we all suffered a bit from a stomach bug , unlike the Christmas vacation where I was really ill and unlike our weekend in Friesland where I was fighting a huge cold and low energy levels,  we were finally all out in good health.  Yeaaay for that! 

Saturday we strolled all over the city center, along Opera,  the Sacher hotel  (yes that one that gave its name to its world famous Sacher torte), explored the cathedral and the horse carriages outside,  walked along & through the courtyards of the Hofburg palaces and strolled over the connecting parks to the cityhall. There we found ourselves all of a sudden in a apr├Ęs-ski village in the midst of an impressive huge skating park/loopings that was celebrating its last weekend. 

We returned via the museum quarter and were all drop dead tired when arriving back in the hotel...ready for a nap. Ha, travelling with a toddler can come in so handy : mandatory naps :p. 
The only disadvantage is that after a late nap and some playing in the room, dusk sets in rather quickly so our walk to the Hundertwasser Haus that I really wanted to see led us to the extravagant architecture in the dark...a pity, but hey, you can't have it all in 1 weekend I suppose. 
After Hunderstwasser, we went up to the Prater amusement park to see which entertainment it had left for us in the evening. 

(*) besides a pitstop stay of 20h for a training where I had only been able to see the entrance of the Schonbrunn palace complex during lunch by hopping on and off the metro


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