Pairi Daiza (1/2)

The men of the year 72 don't only walk along in parades. Previous Saturday they went with their families to Pairi Daiza, a very nice zoo in the middle of nowhere in the South of Belgium ( need some tiny roads to get there and you pass villages you've never heard of before).    The middle of nowhere has the advantage that this zoo has room to make very nice developments and they are still enlarging.   They've started with a child farm around the ruins of a former abbey and an impressive bird center. But they've slowly enlarged and transformed into a real zoo and they even managed to get a contract with China last year to obtain 2 Panda's for the next decades on loan...something the official "Zoo" in Antwerp couldn't. The latter caused a lot of media fuss and even some political tension between the North and South of this country.

Anyway, we went to Pairi Daiza and the predicted showers stayed at a minimum so Kabouter could enjoy all the animals again. 3 zoo's in 3 months for him...spoiled boy!

The child farm

Birds and aquaria

Asia...ok, where are those media hyped panda's?


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