Pairi Daiza (2/2)

The playground:

Monkeys running fee on their own little islands

At one point our group got split and we lost each other...Jan and Kabouter explored the monkey island longer than I did and Kabouter had had the pleasure of getting to feed a monkey.   Bummer that I missed that.

The temple of Délices

What impressed me most at Pairi Daiza was the landscaping and the excellent replica's of buildings from different continents.   The biggest is a very big hill with a hindu temple.  From our experience from Bali, Jan and I thought this multi-level temple was very very "real" and I wonder if it's not in religious use. The flowers, the flags, the masks, looked so real.  And its size was amazing.
(I googled and I was right:   it's a Balinese styled temple that they've transfered to the Belgian Hindu community and it is in active religious use).

Back to the animals

The elephants house in a gorgeous building dedicated to Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god

One of the hippo's gave us some underwater show

African village


yab said…
O, ik neem aan dat jullie dit jaar dan geen tweede keer naar Pairi Daiza zullen gaan.

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