Visiting the dive club in Zeeland

It's a yearly tradition of our dive club to go camping in summer but we had skipped last 2 years due to my pregnancy and Kabouter being too little to be on a campground.  I still didn't feel like camping with a toddler but I missed hanging out with all the others at the dive sites so we decided to join in but to book a B&B nearby.

Since I'm still breastfeeding Kabouter a few times a day, I am still not diving.  And Murphy's law made that Jan last minute had to go on a business trip which was already leaving on Sunday evening. So he ended up having 'no fly time' (better "no dive time") most of the weekend.  

And so we ended up as "just visiting" the others at the campground in between dives, while we went to play a bit at the beach when they were under water.

The weather was great and I got an unexpected sunburn. I missed the diving.
This morning however we got up in pouring rain and a grey sky covering us as a thick duvet.  At that point I didn't envy the rest of the club on the campground anymore, getting ready for another dive. We drove home long before the promised sun would break through the clouds again.

Kabouter teaching his fantastic dive club babysits that the seahorse on the box is in fact an elephant


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