Challenging weeks

I'm a bit more quiet here as last weeks proof to be a bit difficult as several things cross my path:

  • I was diagnosed last week with pregnancy diabetes and I had to unexpectedly free up time to go to info sessions and check-ups with doctor's and diet consultants. Since yesterday I'm measuring my blood sugar levels 7 times a day and searching which diet is acceptable.  .... I have not quite found the answer  or balance yet.
  • Kabouter got ill while we were in Amsterdam for the weekend and after 5 days he still has fever too frequently. So all week I had to book sick kid babysitters for him, prepare medication explanations and run to the doctor with the poor boy and get up at the night to check upon him.
  • Due to the terror alerts recently in Brussels, we've decided at work to cancel our day team building and annual personnel party in Brussels in 2 weeks that we've prepared with a small group since July.   Now we have to somehow pull off a new party day in 2 weeks preparation time.
The combination of it all ensures I'm tired, confused and have built up a huge backlog of work. 


Jennifer Brown said…
Sending you light and good thoughts during a challenging time! Keep yourself and that baby healthy.

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