Christmas Eve with the family

The last years we always spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws.  We used to alternate before with both families as to where we go on Christmas Eve (the more important evening in Belgium) but have abandoned that complexity.

After some stressful traffic jams around Brussels where one (minor) accident after another seemed to have happened, we made it to pick up the family's bakery orders at my sister in-law's award winning bakery and then we were ready to meet the rest of the family at the nicely ornamented Christmas tree.
All the kids quickly jumped at the awaiting presents, in a rush to find those that were theres and to open them.

During a rare moment of peace and quiet we could line up all the grandchildren for a first ever picture with the 5 of them (which will soon be outdated already).

My youngest new nephew was a bit puzzled with all the people around him and had trouble to drink his bottle and go to bed at his regular time but we all profited to have him comforted in our arms, while he was probably missing his mom and dad who are always working on Christmas in their bakery. I hope we made up for them well. How strange to have such a little light weight in our arms again :).


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