Pregnancy diabetes

As stated before, end of november, early december there was a bit of too many things happening at the same time. One of those was that my routine pregnancy 'sugar test' failed and I had to go in for half a day of blood tests.   When you phone to the doctor to get a test result, you always sort of assume to hear that all is fine. So in the middle of some work chaos I got my doctor, but my blood tests proofed that the sugar levels were above the acceptable threshold.  Pregnancy diabetes is the conclusion.

So the next day I dropped my work appointments for some ad hoc appointments in the hospital where I received the explanations to start a diet and test my sugar levels 7 times a day. My first test results were way too high so I had to change my food habits a lot, but all the quick wins from the diet consultant were inapplicable: I really don't have a sweet tooth so I couldn't leave out much candy, cake or sweet lemonades.

The first week was very frustrating. Despite the fact that I was told not to worry yet the first week, you are 7 times per day confronted with your results. Either I was very hungry, either I had bad results. Funny how we are stuck in a food habit of sandwich lunches and other carbs without much imagination at first how to replace those.

With some new diet tips from the consultant I slowly got a new rhythm without being hungry although my food lacks all fun. But hey, at least pregnancy diabetes is only a temporary diagnosis so I can count down the weeks.  My results were improved but not always ok.

I felt the hesitation from the dietist & nurse and had joked last week that I'd get insuline injections as a Christmas present.  And so it happened.  My results were not good enough, especially in the morning but everyone agreed I could not leave out more carbs from my diet without harming the baby.   So medication has to come to the rescue. Yihaa, all I want for Christmas ....was insuline?

Yesterday I got my training to inject myself and yesterday evening with a trembling hand and a lot of hesitation I've given myself my first injection.   Unfortunately those don't release me of the strict diet during the holidays.   Oh well....if it keeps the baby and myself healthy that's what we'll do while counting down the weeks.  At least I feel fit so far.   With Kabouter, I had difficulty to sleep and severe stomac acid.  This time I don't feel physical complaints so far.   My efforts to move more and go for small walks each day is even improving my condition.


yab said…
Niet leuk, maar zoals je zelf aangeeft: even doorbijten voor het goede doel! Courage!

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