Coming home

It is exactly 4 weeks ago that we brought home Beertje from the maternity.  Unlike his older brother, who started to scream loud as soon as we left the hospital room as if he opposed going home, Beertje feel asleep in the maxi cosi and has slept for a few hours. He has been completely unconscious about the move out of the hospital and arrival in his home.

This time I felt a little less emotional about bringing home a new child at home.  I guess it helps to have another babbling toddler next to you as an effective source to distract.  I remember that I felt so solemn with Kabouter when walking outside, expecting everybody to notice me with this infant and to understand how huge the moment was to bring home a child. Fact is, nobody notices at all :).

At the arrival at home, I was taking out Kabouter out of the car, while Jan took Beertje's maxi cosi when I noticed a funeral procession passing by.  No, I don't consider that as an omen at all, but I realised that moment very clearly the circle of life. The contrast smacked in my face.  It felt very weird to see the mourning family drive by while I took my new baby into our home.   That big contrast was repeated a few more times last month when friends of us announced that they had lost their baby during pregnancy, when Jan lost one of his friends and of course during the terror attacks 2 weeks ago.  I'm glad I can then withdraw in the safe cocoon at our home with the 2 boys and cuddle together.

If I felt less emotional to bring Beertje home, that only lasted until I set a foot into the door.   Kabouter and Jan had apparently found time in the morning to color and decorate a big banner welcoming Beertje at home.  A mom doesn't need much more to burst into happy grateful tears.  And as said before, Kabouter was and still is very welcoming and sweet to his little baby brother.

Home sweet home


Leslie said…
I get what you're saying about realizing the circle of life. There are times I wish I didn't realize it so much.

Congratulations on your beautiful boy! I love the photos - that last one especially. You have a lovely family.

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