Daycare buddys

Today is Kabouter's last day in daycare. He doesn't realise it yet, but as of Monday morning we'll head out a different direction in the morning and he'll join the -3yr class at school. I think our little boy is totally ready to go: he'll love the activities, the games, songs, crafts, ... He even jumped ahead this week in the potty training this week.

But it's a bit a sad day too.  After all he's saying goodbye to the daycare that has taken care of him for the last 2 years when he was a little baby in a maxi cosi until now. They've seen him develop in the happy babbling toddler day by day.

And he'll have to say goodbye to his daycare friends.  No more joint walks home with his daycare buddy.  Fortunately his best friend will join him in the school in a month's time. And the goodbye's are a bit temporary as they all come back to daycare over the summer holidays for 2 months.  That's good :)

But I can't help feeling strange today.


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