Railroad bridges walk around the abbey

We wanted to make a walk yesterday to our beloved abbey just closeby.  Unfortunately the railroad bridge crossing has been completely blocked since this week as a truck has severely damaged the bridges construction somehow.   At first pedestrians could still cross, but since a part of the bridge actually has already collapsed, the police has now blocked the passage of the bridge is completely. Therefore our shortest access to the abbey across the fields has been closed until some far future I fear. 

Kabouter was in a really funny talkative mood much to the amusement of the nearby people. When he understood that the bridge was broken, he quickly wanted to get some blocks to fix it. After all he has the expertise with his Duplo railtracks and the many bridges we need to build for those.

With a little detour we can take the real abbey entry alley with the different gateway buildings and still enjoy the beautiful heritage landscapes.   Much to our joy we saw new field fences coming up and some explanation signs that show the preparations of the new educational abbey farm that will get launched next year. Yeaaaay!  We are very much looking forward to that.

In order to avoid a return along the same access road we chose the longer option to cross 2 pedestrian railroad bridges further along, much to the joy of Kabouter who is a big railroad fan. Despite the calmer railroad traffic on a Sunday afternoon he could still spot some trains coming by. 


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