Count your blessings - May 2016

May has been a month where it was very easy to focus on a lot of negativity and worries. There were tears, stress and fear...and there still is at the start of June.  Then it's even more important to focus on the positive things that cross our path, bigger and smaller.  Fortunately I found a lot of happiness in my family and in plenty of small things that were very enjoyable at home.
  1. A pancake at a relax breakfast
  2. A regularly visiting robin in the garden, that I can observe while breastfeeding on the sofa
  3. Having a travel assistence insurance when you need one
  4. Friends and unexpected vague acquaintances that step in to help when you need them
  5. Knowing you have a good hospital insurance when you get the invoice from giving birth in the hospital.
  6. Waking up with a sleeping baby in your armpit with his little hand resting on your chest. 
  7. Sticking your fingers in fresh earth to plant some flowers
  8. A little note "Kusje" left behind at your breakfast plate
  9. A lot of friends coming over to the baby drink, some of them being long due reunions
  10. Reading a bed-time story with 2 children on my lap


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