Made in Belgium: Zwartwerk (update)

I read an interesting article last week " the underdog is dead"  or how Belgium became the new Oranje when it comes to attitude on a soccer championship.

As a teenager I was a big fan of the Red Devils, Belgium's national soccer team. We weren't very good but we always hoped to surprise as an underdog.  We mocked the arrogance and frenzy in the Netherlands that turned the country orange each time and who were always convinced they'd become champion. But we got worse and worse and didn't get qualified anymore for the big championships.  

That changed: Belgium currently boasts a generation of good talents that all play in international competitions and we've been a while number 1 on the FIFA ranking. Incredible.  I'm not tracking soccer anymore to really believe this.

But what is clear is that we have gotten (a bit of ) red fever now in the country. Every brand in the supermarkets seem to offer some red or tricolor (black/yellow/red) attribute, there's Belgian flags waving windows and there is a lot of optimism.  That scares me, I always have the feeling we will be disappointed if we count to much on it and it feels so arrogant to say we'll be champion.  I mean, really, ...we won't.
The Netherlands wasn't qualified however and seems to all become fan now of our Red Devils. Weird, we'd never do the reverse.

Anyway, not only our supermarkets are tricolor now, also the radio starts to play anthems to support our devils.  This song of Zwartwerk (who are related with one of the players) and Studio Brussel immediately gave me a good vibe. It's fun! Maybe if we get some wins, I'll totally get in the mood as well.  So let's dance with the devils tonight!

original post on Zwartwerk here


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