Abraham celebration 2016

It's a yearly (UNESCO) tradition in Leuven: the men that turn 50 get celebrated in the city park together with all the other Men of the Year that gather in their uniforms and with their flags.

Help, the group "men of the year 77" is getting created right now...I'm getting old. Quite shocking to see them running around already.

There were songs and speeches as always ...very boring to some

Traditionally the entire group then parades to Kamerood Sesteg, where the new group of friends that turn 40 get welcomed in the organisation (those of the year 76) and become an active group for the coming 10 years. The little sculpture gets their T-shirt.

Kabouter had fun riding along with his tiny bike...riding almost across our mayor Tobback's toes. Tobback was in a real friendly relax mood and wanted to give Kabouter a high five, but Kabouter wasn't interested to shake hands with a Belgian political monument.

There was another reception, more speeches and the men of '66 were clearly in the mood for a little party. Another parade through the city center leads to another sculpture receiving a new uniform and then the parade resolves at the fair.   And so all the men of the year are warmed up for their festival week that ends next Sunday with the big parade of the Men of the Year.


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