My youngest nephew's baptism

Previous Sunday my youngest nephew got baptized. We gathered with 2 families and 2 babies on Sunday afternoon in a church in a tiny agricultural village. The priest gathered all the present children around the alter and quizzed them & explained to them which 3 elements were needed in order to baptize a baby and why  (water , ointment and fire).   Neither of the families really excelled in religious knowledge, but most parents were worse in subtly trying to pass on the answers to their children.

My nephew took it all in with great ease and also our boys seemed to enjoy the activity around them and were observing it all with big eyes.

Beertje was quite happy so I guess that he's up next in the family baptism planning. 

In the afternoon we all enjoyed a very relax garden party with lots of nice food all afternoon and a big garden for the children (and adults) to hang out and play.


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