Straatbuffet food truck festival 2016

Previous weekend we left the Ardennes early to avoid the GP Formule 1 Spa-Francorchamps traffic in the area.  Leaving during the region during the race was a good strategy as the roads were empty. Doing so we arrived still in time back in Leuven to do a walk through the car-free city to the foodtruck festival to grab a bite.

Just next to the park we saw one of our friends and his son was profiting from the car-free city to ride along the neighbourhood with his go-cart.  In a minute time, another seat was attached and Kabouter got a free ride along. Fun fun fun :)

Then we got hungry so we installed ourselves in the sandy area in the park amidst the food trucks and we enjoyed trying out some of the (hyped) stands eg the well-known "Wurst" from the tv-chef Jeroen Meus from Leuven.  It was a very pleasant, casual early evening out. 


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