Birthday boy

Previous week it was Kabouter's birthday. This was the first year that he was aware of this event beforehand. At the start of the week he entered the classroom announcing "It's my birthday!" a few days early :).  Despite Jan and myself both travelling for business that week, we managed to prepare a huge box of muffins as a treat to give to the other kids as is the custom in the school and we had some reading books as a class room gift. Other than that I'm afraid we still owe him some birthday cake at a later moment.  

In the morning he wasn't in the party mood right away, still tired and suffering from a cold (as all of us) but slowly a big grin appeared on his face. In only 3 weeks there had already been 3 birthdays in his class, so he knew the routine at school and he knew he'd be the center of all attention all day. 

In the middle of the afternoon I got a text message from school to tell me how proud he was to distribute the muffins to all the kids and to be the "child of the day".

And the evening I found a boy with a huge green crown running around in the playground, oblivious to the fact I was there to pick him up.  We rode with the stroller through town with the crown and balloon in order to go and pick up his baby brother in the daycare, gathering a lot of smiles from the other people. Later on in the evening when we went out for a spaghetti, he was still wearing the big green crown. Even the birthday cards had to be brought to the bistro and shown off to the waiter who knows us well.

Jan arrived just in time to have another present unwrapping moment on the bed, where we discovered his real size profile painting made in school and where he got Mayday, the firetruck from Planes, as his newest best friend toy :)

Beertje joined into the party mood by taking over the balloon


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