The big clean-up II

Our big clean-up project before the renovations continued previous weekend.  The children were staying for 1 or 2 days at their godparents and we were obliged to profit the most from the available time to empty the attic and top floor completely with the deadline approaching quickly.
The first couple of hours both Jan and I were diving into old boxes full of memories that had been stacked away on our attick, sorting what could stay and what had to be thrown out.
We came across memories too special to loose, from our wedding day, from youth camps and from my exchange year in Canada. It was easy to get lost in the past and I must admit that I had teary eyes at one point. 

Other boxes were filled with obsolete technology.   What on earth did we want to save and keep for the future on that box full of floppy disks? And how cute are those internet starter kits and manuals of very very old Windows versions. 

After we had sorted many boxes, dragged them down to the hall way and sorted them different piles, it was urgently time to start deconstruct the furniture.  With sore muscles from the 13459th time we ran the staircases up and down, we managed to load our cars and move a lot of things to the rented garage. Another car went to the recycling plant. 

I can tell you: I soaked a lot in a hot tub that night but the next day it still really hurt to walk. Yet, there was no time to waste: 2 cars with drawer cabinets had to be driven to the Ardennes and another cupboard had to go to the garage.

I was so glad that our working weekend was over, that both kids were back at home with us and that we could go to bed! And I hope my colleagues are glad that I contributed another 6 boxes of old books to our department's pallet in the competition at work to contribute most to the thrift store.  Let's not think yet about the fact that most of that furtniture has to return after the renovations....some of it an extra floor higher up.  Any volunteers to come and do that?


yab said…
Wij willen gerust komen helpen om de meubels terug te zetten, hoor!

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