1-2-3 piano

I had to laugh so loud when Kabouter asked us to play 1-2-3 piano.  I was surprised he knew the game, but he had seen it at the after-school care.

Jan and I started to play but we were immediately corrected by Kabouter that we were not doing the moves correctly.  Apparently the new rule and goal of the game is to strike very funny poses. The other rules don't really matter anymore.

(ps: the rule of the game as I knew it was:  one person faces the wall, counts 1-2-3 piano and can turn around.  The others try to move forward while the person faces the wall but have to be immobile as soon as he turns around (=> which can result to an akward pose as you stop in the middle of movement) If you still move when the person turns around, you are out. You should try to touch the wall first

the rules of the game as Kabouter plays it: one person faces the wall, counts 1-2-3 piano and can turn around. At the moment he turned around, you move forward very awkwardly a few steps and then strike a funny pose).


Ik heb deze zomer ook kennis gemaakt met de nieuwe 1-2-3 piano! In deze versie moest degene die telt beslissen wie de "gekste" pose had. Elke pose krijgt volgens gekheid een aantal stappen of kabouterpasjes naar voor... Doel blijft om als eerste de muur te raken (toch nog iets dat ik herkende).

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