Kabouter is sleeping for the first time tonight back in our room (since he moved out of the co-sleeper) and the rooms on the top floor are now completely empty.  The no parking signs are out.  We are ready and waiting and it feels strange and anxious.

It feels strange to see these rooms so empty, even though it was the floor least used.  Since our bedroom finished about 10 years ago, we moved out of what became the guest room.  Kabouter's room still has the tiny 2 square meter bathroom which was at a long forgotten time our only bathroom in the house....now ignored.  When we gave the rooms a new destination 10 years ago it really didn't feel so formal, or maybe I forgot. 

I also feel anxious for starting renovations while living in the house.  But I should not complain as we have the luxury to be able to retreat to the Ardennes and I save plenty of vacation days for that reason. Yet the entire planning depends on meteo and therefore planning and progress is uncertain, which is not fun. And renovating in winter time does not seem the most optimal moment to launch such a project.

But it's also fun looking forward to some major changes that'll give the boys each a nice big new room and will add a good 2nd bathroom to our house.  It's quite exciting that in x weeks this will be over with. Hopefully not too many weeks.


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