A year ago I read the ABC from Annelyse and I thought it was a fun list to create for myself and I was curious whether the words I associate with myself would make sense to the people that know me and read my blog or if they would trigger questions.  Or...would they give me suggestions? 
  • Avocado, Allergies, Apple, Acne, Ambitious
  • Beertje, Beer , Blogaddict, Beach, Boglands, Beautiful British Columbia, Business processes, Boys at home, Breastfeeding, Belgian music, Boxspring, Banana
  • Canadalover, Coffee, Coke (R) , Chips, Chaotic, Children, Casual clothing, Computer, Champagne, Co-sleeping
  • Digital immigrant, Deinze, Duvet all year round, 
  • Excema, East-Belgium lover, Evening person
  • Family, Foodlover, Flute
  • Goofball, 
  • Hautes Fagnes, Handkerchief, Hugs, Hates chocolate
  • Iphone, Ipad, Instagram
  • Jan, Jewelless
  • Kabouter,
  • Leuven, Latte machiatto, Loyal, Lazy, Low Heels
  • Married, Mother, Milk, Mojito, Messaging, Meat lover, Modest, Mobile School volunteer, Morning Moodiness
  • Not a housewife, Not a sporter, Not a shopper, Not a bling bling girl, Nostalgic, Nail bender, National Parks
  • October girl, Outdoors
  • Procastrinator, Project manager, Posts, Pictures, Paperless, PADI  Advanced Open Water
  • Quantum physics ignorant, Qualitative roof windows
  • Rosé, Reefs, Restaurants, Renovating, Risk aversion, 
  • Summer, Scuba diving, Social Media, Sun, Sister, Soaps, Sharing, Screen addict, Suntanning, short straight hair
  • Travel, Tired, TV, Typing, Twitter, Trilingual, Thuisopéén
  • U2, Uncertain
  • Vacation, Volkswagen,
  • Wife, Walking, Without make-up, Waze editor, Woods, Waimes, White choco
  • X /
  • Young (at heart), Yosemite lover, 
  • Zoo, Zzz


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