After 9 months I don't think Kabouter can remember being the only child anymore. And Beertje has no idea what it's like to be without a bigger brother hanging around him.

The 2 boys are inseparable and really interact with each other in a fun way. They s
earch each other in the room, they kiss, hug, laugh to each other, feed each other etc...

Now that Beertje has become mobile, they've also become competitors for the same toys and we need to be arbiters on a daily basis. When the wrong toy is taken, the love between them chills rather quickly.  Kabouter, as the oldest one, also consciously reports all Beertje's mischief to us...something that Beertje will probably take revenge for in the future when he's old enough :D.

My sweethearts, my boys :)


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