Christmas market in Aachen

It's December = it's Christmas market time! And the Germans are the champions in Christmas markets.

For 3 years now we visit the Christmas market in Aachen. It's really not that far away (20 min detour when coming from the Ardennes, or 1h25 m from Leuven) and it's quite cosy.  Unlike Cologne it is not very huge but that doesn't matter.  
For the first time we visited on a week day and that is so much nicer than in the weekends when all the crowds (and tourist busses) arrive. This time we could gently stroll along the stalls and have a look. 

An additional reason to love the Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt, is our German dive-instructor friend who is always there with his kid's carroussel.   Kabouter recognised the carrousel as soon as we entered the square from last year and jumped up and down "ooh oooh, is the sir there again, can we go, we go there!!"
So while we had a chat about all of us not having been in Sharm El Sheikh for way too long time, while Beertje had fun catching my nose , Kabouter tried out all the vehicles on the carroussel in endless rounds :).  The fire truck and the cups were the best in the evaluation :). 


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