Beertjes first snow - sledging with the boys

After a week following the adventures of Witch in the snow at our place, we drove to the Ardennes before the predicted black ice would create chaos on the roads.

On Saturday we only ventured out to do some grocery shopping, also before the rain was in the east and stayed at home.  Unfortunately the fun in the snow had to be postponed as Kabouter had caught a virus that kept him with fever in bed.  So we did lots of hanging around in our pyjama's, family napping and watching tv. It was a cosy day at home with raclette in the evening and a beautiful snow landscape outside the windows (and a visiting robin).

Kabouter seemed a bit better on Sunday so we ventured out for a long sledging walk with the children. We dug up our ski pants that had been idle in the closet for a year and Kabouter and I tested our new snow boots successfully.  It was Beertje's first time in the snow and he took it in very stoically. After a while in the sledge, he even started to nap.  Go figure.  Kabouter enjoyed himself and ordered us to make a really really really long walk.

We walked via local roads and the ravel L48 to the nearby villages and looped back. We were almost alone on the road. I'm so glad we know the local roads so we could avoid the over crowded tourist hot spots a few kms further  (we saw the parking lines at the Botrange / Mong Rigi / Baraque Michel when going home...pfff too busy as soon as there is snow!). After 2 hours both the boys had enough and both were whining big time by the time we got home.  The youngest one relaxed at home once he had had food, the oldest one needed to nap but got up with fever again...not yet cured.


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