Grocery shopping with the kids

Kabouter loves grocery shopping. For me it's a necessary duty which I try to avoid but Jan and Kabouter enjoy strolling along all the departments of a super market.

We recently got a compliment from other people how well behaved Kabouter is. Well, he runs around with loud enthousiastic shreeks, he dares to disappear from our sight (to go and visit the lobsters or to reappear with a bag of chips to put in the cart), he wants to help push the cart as a sort of kamikaze pilot or he rides along on the sides,   he yells "hellooooo" to unexpecting shoppers, etc... Never a dull moment.

But all in all, I guess he is indeed relatively well behaved.  While he constantly finds new snacks "Mommy , we did not try these", he accepts when we state we already have enough cookies and will not buy them, ....he turns around with a sad face but brings back the bag of chips or weird type of juice he dragged to us to where he found it (and then yells that we need to come help to put it back in the rack).  He hugs the huge M and M's doll that inconveniently stands at the waiting line for the cash registers but he doesn't whine to buy some. He shows in the racks what we have and what we don't have as a walking inventory (or alternatively what grandma has or what daycare has...I get to know your inventory as well!)

His favourite activity is helping us weigh fruits and vegetables.  So I try to buy as much as possible in bulk and then put my assistant on the stand with scales where he tries to find the right button in a real fruit/vegetable puzzle on the touch screen.  

At the same time his little brother is looking around and around and around with big wide curious eyes...until he sometimes crashes asleep hanging on my belly. He can sit in the cart by now, but it's not ideal yet.

Placing his order for Sinterklaas again...he assumes Sinterklaas comes by with a higher frequency during the year


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