New Year letters

Usually we don't go visit our families on New Year's Day itself as that's mostly a day where we feel tired and want to take it more quiet. But since we had planned a rather quiet New Year's Eve this time, we felt it was ok to go and see all the grandparents on the first day of the New Year anyhow.  

Unfortunately we ended the previous year and started the new year with a highly feverish Beertje and on the first day of the year, Jan also got up with some fever and a very painfull back. That was the main reason that we were all feeling very tired as if we had partied really hard after all. In the end, I left my man in his bed and drove with the 2 kids on my own to all the grandparents. With the predicted rain at frost temperatures I also felt a bit in a rush to return home in time.

But it was the first year that Kabouter had brought home some New Year's letters so he could "read" his New Year's rhyme to his grandparents , his godmother/aunt ...each time with a different variation :D
There were once again presents to be exchanged...our boy will have such a hard time to kick off from more than a month presents all the time. 

After a few days into the new week, we all seem to have gotten rid of the virusses again. Pheww, much better.


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