Beertje's baptism party

After Beertje's baptism in church last week, we rushed under big umbrella's to the nearby restaurant, ignoring the beautiful and extensive abbey domains where I had hoped to go for a walk with the family.   Not that day. The weather was still just awful with lots of rain and a lashing cold wind. 

Inside the restaurant we found refuge in the 3 rooms next to the old water mill that had been reserved for us. So fortunately we had sufficient room for our group and the kids could play a bit in "their room" without disturbing the rest of the restaurant.

We had our reception next to the mill.  The service wasn't 100%  as they focused on refilling our glasses a few times in the first 15 minutes (when I was in fact away to feed Beertje) and then left us dry. Only after a reminder from us after a long time, they remembered they were supposed to serve us some appetizers as well which were then served in a rush one after the other.

Hurray hurray it is my party

We couldn't get irritated too much by it as all of a sudden an ambulance was needed for someone who felt unwell. Fortunately it was clear quickly there wasn't anything serious and Kabouter could have a short visit in the ambulance before we waved them goodbye again. 

Then we could go and sit for our dinner, with better service, good food and no more stressy moments. In between courses the kids had fun unpacking Beertje's (and Kabouter's) presents.  Both children have been really spoilt. The weather cleared up a bit so all the children also could run around outside for a bit in between the courses, which was a nice welcome to all of us.

It took 1 minute in the car for Beertje to sleep...exhausted after a day of cuddling all his family and friends.


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