April 12th is the International Day of the Streetchild.  Each year, Mobile School tries to put the 150 million streetchildren in the world in the center of attention.  For the 2nd year in a row, they organised "Streetwork"   : Do whatever you do, but do it on the street.

Since I had been ill in the beginning of the year and my colleagues had dropped everything to catch up my absence, I couldn't really ask for vacation anymore on Wednesday.  But fortunately we were done working early so I had the opportunity to have a quick stop at #Streetwork17 and check out this year's edition.

It was clearly a good succes : over 300 people had spent their afternoon at the square in front of the Leuven harbor to have meetings, work on their laptops, iron, sew, fix bikes, do crafts, care for your owl, etc... Whatever you want to do,  it is possible to do it on the street although it might ask some flexibility and creativity to achieve...some important street skills we can learn from the street children. 


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