Mother's Day 2017

It's the 4th time that Mother's Day is relevant for me - 4 years ago I was pregnant, so that counts. This is the first year however that one of the children is conscious of the holiday.

It was very cute that he was whispering with his dad and asking me how many nights before Mother's Day. He almost disclosed his secret multiple times but most of the times we could interrupt him. Then he froze with a worried look that he had spoiled it all.  On Thursday the babysit had the hard task of coming home with his crafted gift and needing to put it somewhere where I'd not see it (yet Kabouter had to remember).   That evening I noticed something unusual in the corner of the living room and with a big smile I worked hard not to pass by there.  Funny enough the present "disappeared " from there when Jan got home.

This morning finally they could release their secrecy.  Kabouter was mostly interested to watch some tv and needed multiple incentives to say his little rhyme but was proud to show me all the crafted aspects of his "waving hands flower pot" after all.  Beertje was mostly interested in getting "his " gift himself (there were cookies attached).

And as a good mom, I'm really charmed by their crafted things that I would have disliked as gifts if I weren't a mom.


Leslie said…
I love this. What sweet gifts!

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