15 irritations

While I try to be a positive person, I can easily get irritated nevertheless. Here are 15 situations that make me sigh, roll my eyes, make me grunt or gnash or simply turn me angry.

  1. People driving in their car, slowly in the middle lane when there is plenty of room on the right lane.  Hey, hellooo over there, are you aware you are breaking the law? You are obliged to drive on the right hand side of the road whenever you are not passing another car.  And no....that car 300m ahead of you does not count (yet). (you won't pass it ever at this speed anyway). The emergency lane on your right hand side does not bite.
  2. Drivers that flash their lights behind me in busy traffic....Oh gosh you are so cool man. I am so sorry I dare to be on the road before you.   Yeah yeah, you do realise that when I let you pass, that you'll move up 50 m and then you are behind the next set of 10 cars. Really, didn't you think I'd let you pass spontaneously if I could and if it made sense??? I really prefer having you in front of me rather than behind me, trust me.  I rather see the rear of arrogant drivers than the front.
  3. Drivers that don't know the zipper method when merging traffic.   Fxxng idiot.. you are causing traffic jams by forcing me to merge much earlier next time. You are probably cursing behind your wheel for this traffic jam but you are one of the reasons why it's so bad. Not letting me in is not going to allow you get home 1 minute early.
  4. People throwing trash on street.  Shall I come to your home and drop some of my used tissues, sigarate butts there as well? Just the same, right?   If you don't agree, STOP doing it in public spaces.  If we'd all do so, just imagine what the street would look like. So why would you have the privilege to throw that one butt, that one paper, while assuming the other's shouldn't.  You are probably the one complaining about city taxes while we have to pay for street cleaners thanks to you.  Dugh.
  5. People parking on sidewalk: No you are not doing anyone a favour. No it is not ok to do so in order to avoid blocking traffic: while you allow smooth traffic on the road, you force pedestrians and bicyclists to go on the road and face that smooth fast driving traffic. You put my children at risk! It is a major traffic offence for a good reason.
  6. Drivers that block road at crosspoints when in traffic jam. Wow, good job.  You couldn't advance so now you ensured that the cross roads are blocked too.   Heaven forbids they'd be able to drive while you have to wait another 3 minutes before you can cross.  Great, honk your horn, good boy, that's going to help. Now all cars in front of you will magically disappear.  NOT.
  7. People that don't acknowledge your feelings when you reveal them that you are hurt, disappointed, failed...who - instead of listening first- immediately say what we should have done or ask why we haven't done so or so.

    Great, now you make me feel even more stupid and incompetent. Now you just gave me the feeling that you would have dealt with it so much better than I did. Rather than helping me with the best intentions, you've just put me down a bit more.

    Next time, first listen, first show empathy, ... when our feelings get acknowledged, we'll be more open to feedback and suggestions and learnings.
  8. Zigzagging people on the sidewalk.  Please make-up your mind.  You are allowed to walk slow, you are allowed to walk fast, on the left or on the right, but just make a choice. Then I know where I can walk without having to try to avoid bumping into you all the time.
  9. Bloggers that only post sponsored posts.  yeah yeah I get it, you only post collaborations with brands that you feel are authentic and that are in line with your story.  Only you have no story on your own, your authenticity is one big commercial backed-up with money and gifts.
  10. People that only post negativity online: they bash politics non stop without any nuance, they whine, mock other people etc. They constantly complain about their own life, ... It must be so tiring to have such a negative attitude. I pity them but I get frustrated as they drag my energy down.  (I know this post is full of negativity too...It doesn't make me happy so don't worry, this will be a one-time list).
  11. People who do not keep promises and don't communicate.   How hard is it to keep your promise. Why do you make it if you can't keep it?  And there can be very good reasons for not keeping a deadline but then you can explain.  Communication helps a lot, but usually the promise breakers are in silence and leave the surprise to you. "oops, nothing happened, it is not ready."
  12. People that can't park and therefore use multiple parking spaces at once.  That's pretty sad in fact.
  13. People that copy hoax on their social media statusses. Seriously, something that sounds too spectacular is not true. If it mentions "please share..."...it is not true.  If it has no credible source, it is not true. And it takes 1 minute to copy the text and throw it into google and multiple websites will list hoaxes that start circling again.  ....spreading thanks to you. Because you can't think critical for 1 minute.  You just help to spread paranoia, even though you might have the best intentions.
  14. People that post emotional statusses on their social media for a good cause which ends with the instruction "copy this status , most friends of mine won't do this, blablabla"  and a lot of emotional guilttripping.  All the good intentions that were at the start of your statuses just went down the drain by that end.

    My status is my status and I won't help cure anyone with cancer,  stop any animal crualty, etc etc by copying your status.  You and I should better get in touch with someone with cancer and have a personal conversation etc... There are many ways to do good deeds and show empathie for plenty of good causes.  But emotional blackmail is not one of them.

  15. Incompetent customers/suppliers, .... That make you do double work, recheck things, explain their own templates and requests.  The worst part is that you need to stay friendly at any moment while you just wish you'd be able to tell them they are stupid. 


Elke said…
Haha, ook ik ben meestal positief en toch kan ik me soms ook zo ergeren in de dingen, maar hey, positief zijn kan alleen maar als er af en toe negativiteit is ook en het dan zeggen of schrijven doet af en toe gewoon heel goed! Zalig die nr 9 :)

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