Back at the beach in Surfside

Since we had enjoyed our stay at the beach hotel at Treasure island so much, we had decided to cancel our cheaper hotel in the Miami suburbs and upscale to another beach hotel in Surfside, a bit north of Miami Beach. It's such a blessing to just relax, walk up and down to the beach or pool  just as you want, without having to worry about parking, traffic, things to pack, naps to take in the room etc...

We enjoyed once again a large room in a very modern hotel, although the space wasn't always logically used until we realised we had a room suitable for a wheelchair. But we had direct access from our sliding rooms to the rooftop pool :).

An ideal environment to spend our last couple of days in Florida, chilling and enjoying the sun (no more rain!!) and this little jewish community where we found some excellent (kosjer) restaurants. Especially the jewish tapas-sushi restaurant the last evening was delicious hip food.


yab said…
Jewish tapas-sushi, now I am officially intrigued!

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