Beertje's words I

Beertje starts to be more vocal so it's time to log his progress

  • mamMaaaAAAH (mommy):    me...or food  or comfort when he's tired because in the evening he wants his mommy time
  • babaAAAH  (daddy)       : another person he searches around the house                 
  • baba(m) (banaan?)     : something he searches at the table a lot. Could be something else as well.
  • Bumba                  : a yellow clown in a baby tv show with lots of merchandising. Apparently any baby's first big friend. It usually comes as a clear decisive instruction while you are handed the iPad
  • dada (bye bye)     : words spoken to the babysit as soon as I enter the house. (he's such a gentlemen) Or to his dad when I carry him up to bed  
  • (a)b(oe)m             : he's thrown something on the floor again
  • kei  kei (kijk)        : endlessly he points to everything while he discovers the world.  When we confirm what he sees, he nods in agreement.
  • kaka (poo)            : a fun sound...sometimes, still by coincidence or not, declared at the right moment
  • Brrrrrr  vrroeeemmmmm brrrrrrr : when riding with a toy car .  
  • Boek (book)          : he wants to read along at bedtime
  • Koek (cookie)   : a very important and frequent instruction from the baby to his parents
  • ay / ja   (yes)         : accompanied with strong nodding when we do/give/point to the right things. He trains us well ;). He sounds a bit Scottish in his confirmation though.
  • nknn  (drinken)   : he wants to drink, while pointing to a glass/cup on the table
  • Meeeeuh               : he's very enthousiastic to launch conversations with the cows in the field and he yells his hello for the entire neighbourhood to hear.
  • Baw                       : ball(oon)
  • Neey  /Nay             : no  (accompanied by strong nodding and turning the face away)

Here you can compare Kabouter's list at the exact same age


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