Plaster, paint and wallpaper progress

During our vacation the carpenter had finished the doors and window cases for our attic as well as a staircase protection so we can finally allow Beertje to walk around in the attic. And now it's up to us. After the disappointment that we could not finish most painting in May, hence requiring a lot of extra work, we were very motivated to start working and finish up the boy's bedroom asap.

Jan went to buy all needed materials in a DIY open on Sunday morning so we could launch ourselves right away when we arrived on Sunday afternoon.  Also Kabouter was determined to help, bringing his little toy toolbox along. Oh what a sweetheart! While I played with Beertje, they plastered the last wall.

In the next days each nap from Beertje was used very effectively to plaster, sand, prime and put wallpaper in the tiny room. The room is small but oddly shaped and therefore a puzzle to work in, but we were progressing well, which is very motivating. 


Gudrun said…
Ik ben echt benieuwd...

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