Space shuttles, beaches and swimming pools again

After 5 days on the Florida mainland, we headed towards the beach again.  Just 1 hour drive eastwards from Orlando, we reached the Atlantic Ocean again where we arrived at Cape Canaveral.

First we headed to the NASA visitor center.  We could see several rockets and shuttles set-up. But NASA is a serious scientific institution where obviously you can't roam around freely as a tourist. When we learned that the tour is in fact a  2h guided bus tour, taking you to the launching platforms and backsites etc, we believed this would be greatly interesting to do with children that are in elementary school but not with a restless baby and active toddler. Next time.

Instead of touring with NASA, we visited Cocoa Village Pier and had lunch and some refreshing cold cocktails before our room was ready and we could dive into the hotel pool. Flash, the pool pinguin, joined our family. 

We slept well afterwards 


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