Theme park craziness part VI: Disney Hollywood Studio's and Disney Springs

In order to round up our 3 days in Orlando and our 4 days of theme parks, we visited just a few more Disney locations.

We strolled over the Disney Hollywood Studio's in ease with 2 sleeping children in our strollers again and passed by Star Troopers walking around, a lot of Disney jr tv stars, etc... Kabouter was just in time awake to meet a new hero:  "Cruz" from the brand new Cars3 movie.  He was allowed to pose next to the yellow sports car but we couldn't touch it as it was still wet paint :D. It couldn't be newer than that! Lucky boy.  We also went to see a preview of the Cars3 movie and now we want to go!
Afterwards we saw a 3D show from the muppets.

We tried to go to Disney Springs for dinner,  a resort area around a lake full of bars, restaurants and a lot of stores. However it was so crowded everywhere that we quickly returned and went to eat in the proximity of our hotel.  And so we ended all the theme park craziness and were ready to move on again on our vacation. 


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