Tour de la Warche and a BBQ with good friends

We were just loading the car to drive to the Ardennes after an absence of 5 weeks, in order to go and tame the grass field there and check out the progress on the attic renovations   when we got a text message of good friends .    They invited us to come over for a BBQ that day.

Hmpf, what a pity, we really needed to go to the Ardennes after such a long absence, so we replied that they were welcome to come to us over there for a BBQ. A few minutes later, that was arranged: the reversed invitation was accepted and we were happy to see our friends after all and to get some company.

In 2.5 hours time we efficiently cleaned the house covered in saw dust from the carpenter, cut the very long grass shorter in 2 sessions and did some grocery shopping to fill the fridge. By the time our friends arrived we were relaxing on the sun beds, enjoying the good weather. 

In the afternoon we did the Tour de la Warche walk together, along the swollen Warche river (the upstream dam was open) after which we had deserved a good appetizer and a fun BBQ all together. Good times!


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