Treasure island at Sint Petersburg Beach

After my frustrating stay in Naples, Florida we drove north to our beach destination.  We were not really in the mood to do much visiting along the way, so we simply drove by the Ringling Art Museum and the historic site of the Edison house etc... At first we had started off on the non-freeway as we had the assumption that staying off the freeway would give us a better view on the region.   30 malls and 20 resorts further with as many traffic lights, we escaped to the inland tollroad which brought us along the swamps again....much more scenic :)

Just when we arrived to the famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge , the sunshine disappeared and we got a new rainstorm. We were giggling over the unsollicited advice we had received in Miami from some locals who wanted to warn me for this bridge if I was afraid for heights.  Despite the 131m height, we made it without any issue across one of the top 10 bridges in the world (according to the Travel Channel).

After crossing St Petersburg, we arrived at our destination of Treasure Island which cultivates a pirate history/image. 

We arrived at our hotel at the beach, in a beautiful big appartment room, great view of the beach in a fun little town that was breathing a vacation atmosphere.  I instantaneously fell in love with Florida again and asked Jan if we could cancel all our next hotels and stay longer here.  I was ready for some days relaxation near the beach with good food nearby
...and no mosquito's nearby at all!


yab said…
Hmm, oesters!

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