He's a climbing monkey!

Beertje is convinced that keeping your feet on the ground is boring. As soon as you blink your eyes, he's climbing on a chair, the sofa, a box of toys, etc... He pulls himself up with his arms, if needed!  If you're setting the table, he's already on the table pre-tasting. If you are putting a pile of freshly folded clothes on the big table for a second, a little brat is dragging them behind you through the room to give them back to you with a sweet helpful smile.  

We need 10 pairs of eyes to put him back on the ground all the time.  I've seriously already checked from which age he can get climbing lessons at the climbing wall in the nearby sports center (9 yrs ...pfff). 


Upje said…
Hahaha, ik heb hier ook zo een dochter rondlopen! Niet goed voor een ouderhart, he ... ;)

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